Wednesday, May 29, 2013

He's Three!!!

Three years ago today, the world's happiest grumpy baby was born.  We've managed to keep him alive for three years, and now he's hilarious, loving, kind, and a shade crazy.  Plus, just absolutely adorable.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Going on a Trip

We've had a suitcase kicking around the house for a week or so now.  It's empty, I just haven't taken the effort of putting it away up in the attic.  So the boys have made good use of it.  Fairly often I find them climbing in it and strapping themselves in, while the other one zips it closed.  Or they just run around the house dragging it behind them. 

The other day they wanted to take it 'camping', so they filled it up with the essentials (toys of course), and off they went.  We put a picnic blanket in the back yard with their little tent on it, and they had a camping picnic back there.  Some of the neighbor kids heard the noise and came to investigate and when the boys said they were camping, I'm pretty sure the neighbors were jealous.

Then there was the day that I saw this happening.  See the head sticking out the top?  And the little feet down at the bottom?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Date Night!

Zander and I were due for another date night.  We had already had a fantastic lazy family day where everyone miraculously stayed happy and content all day, so why not top that off with some adult-only shopping and dining?  We dropped the kids off to play with their cousins, so we knew they for sure wouldn't care if we were gone for a while, and off we went. We hadn't ever been to the new outlets over on Traverse Mountain, so we decided to try those out.  First stop was some new shoes for Zander.  He talked and joked around with the sales guy the whole time we were there, and ended up getting his shoes with the employee discount because of it.  I've noticed over the last few months that he has an amazing knack for getting stuff either for free or for employee pricing.  Seriously, stuff like this happens all the time with him.  Then we went over to check out the new Banana Republic and had the happy surprise of finding that everything in the store was half off  WOOHOO.  Needless to say we left the store with more than we were originally anticipating.

By this point we were hungry and headed over to Johnny Rockets for some fun, 50's theme dining.  It was then I realized that I should have been born in the 50's.  That would have been such a fun era to live in.  Ultimately though, I'm glad of any time period and experiences that I get to have with Zander around.  Every time we go on a date we end up holding hands, laughing and joking around the whole time.  And we always end up commenting on how much we love our little family of four.  This is what marriage and family are all about.  The little moments that make all the difference.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Conversations with little boys

Zander laying on the floor on his stomach, Kaiden sitting next to him.  Kaiden wraps his arms around Z's neck and says "I holdin' yers head, daddy!"

*boys hit each other*
E - Guys go to time out
*Noah sits in time out*
N - Kaiden come sit by me.  I'm sorry.  I didn't mean for this to happen

E - Noah go wake up your Daddy
N - That's not my real Daddy.  That's my robot Daddy.  I made him in my robot factory in the attic.

Z - Noah guess what I bought today?
N - What?
Z - An iPad.
N - For me?!
Z -

N - Toyota?  There's a Yoda, like on Star Wars!

E - Kaiden it stinks in here.  Did you fart?
K - No, Daddy farted!

N - Mommy did you go running?
E - yup, I just got back
N - I don't think you went running.  I think you just stayed here and taked a nap.

N - then the monster cut his own head off of himself, then put it on the ground.  Then it boomed right up!
E - Noah what are you talking about?
N - Monsters
E - Where did you learn about monsters?
N - Wal-mart

Saturday, December 29, 2012


The last week has been full of fun, family, food, and presents.  So today we decided to take things easy, stay home, relax, and just be.  Part of that, of course, involves the boys taking a nice long bath.  Lately I've been trying to make bath time more entertaining.  There's always some cool surprise waiting in the bath tub for them.  We did a car wash a while ago, and then a stuffed animal wash.  Today, we threw some water balloons into the mix.  Some are full of water, some half water half air, and some all air.  All were popped in about 10 minutes, and each time there was a pop, there were gales of laughter and screaming.  Days like this make it really easy to enjoy being a mom.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sleepy Boys

These boys have been way off schedule due to all the Christmas festivities.  Sometimes they just don't make it until it's time for bed. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Street

Zander's sister happens to live on Christmas street.  It's a street up in Sugarhouse that goes all out when it comes to Christmas.  Ironically all the Indo kids grew up going to Christmas street every year, so it's even more awesome for them that Jenn ended up living there, and that we get to keep this tradition going for the next generation.  This year the weather turned pretty bad for the Christmas Street Party, but it was still really cool.  Santa was there with a stocking for each kid, and each stocking was personalized for that child.  Our boys were feeling a little under the weather from the marathon of illnesses we've had lately, and Kaiden is still afraid of Santa, but they were both still really excited to see that he was there.  We snagged some donuts from Santa's elves, then headed back to Jenn's house to all hang out for a while.  Great times.